ENGINE ~ LC 125 resleeved using a DT 175 piston profiled and skimmed to take TZ750 ‘O’ ring . full proddy tune, TZ reed block and rubber, Boyesen reeds, 34mm TZ350 carb, one-off blown pipe, Johnson TZ350 carbon fibre end can, nitrous oxide injection .

   I’ve had a few E-mails on this bike asking about how to go about making a 175 RD and the set ups . In very brief, to keep one of these reliable, so your not rebuilding it every few months use a TZ conrod and big end , put a washer in front of all the clutch springs or it will slip within weeks of the extra power load .Raise the exhaust port 1.5 mm, thin out the transfer channels but dont touch the windows. skim .5mm of the head. use a 250 LC carb with 230 jet{ Always do a plug chop to confirm the right mixture } Only run it on premix 7fl.oz. to a gallon min. Machine off 4 mm from the out side of the fly wheel. These things will make it much peekier and keep some reliability.Allthough passing your test and buying an LC or YPVS would be less hassle.

FRAME ~ braced

FRONT END ~ZXR750 4-pot caliper on FZ600 rear disc, braided hose, TDR250 master cylinder,uprated progressive springs, gold steering damper, 350LC fork brace,350YPVS speedo 350YPVS and FZR600 switch gear,

ARSE END ~ chromed swinging arm and torque arm polished brake-plate .

  I returned the engine to standard trim before I sold it.  Well maybe a  slight tune with a TZR piston 23 bhp    Good enough for a spotty youth on L plates .

 A little smoky for pillions but i love the look of a high pipe

   It occurred to me that I’d never seen a real good RD 125 LC special, that really motored, and surely it wouldn’t cost to much it’s only a single cyclinder. {How naive was that}  F***ING  HELL. I could have bought a second bike for less then the bottle and piping for the nitrous alone.                                                                                         

This bike only ran for a short while in it’s 125mph form.The crank wouldn’t have survived daily use or even prolonged weekend use.Still it surprised a few TZR, RGVand LC boys heading  in  to matlock, especially when you pull away from them, down the duel carrigeway sucking NITROUS. Just as they were about to pull away from you, about to laugh at the little 125 trying to keep up.                                 

All the picktures on this page now have a blow up . picture that is , not doll . click to view .